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JANUARY 2019 35 ITEMS Order Online Pick a Hi My name is Hamlet FREE Book Thanks to all the 1st graders who helped us pick a name 5 OR LESS scholastic com bookclubs NEW NEW What if You Had T rex Teeth And Other Dinosaur Parts Mary Poppins Returns Everything Is Possible 32 pages This magical nanny makes a surprising return to Cherry Tree Lane by Sandra Markle illus by Howard McWilliam 32 pages If you had T rex teeth you wouldn t need a knife to cut your food Imagine life with dinosaur parts ITEM 32S5 ITEM 82S5 Reader 5 Fact Filled Picture Book 5 Space Cows by Eric Seltzer illus by Tom Disbury 32 pages Space cows are coming to a planet near you Silly rhyming text to read on your own ITEM 65S5 Reader 1 Retail 4 99 LEX 220L GRL E DRA 8 Based on the New Movie DON T MISS OUT A SHIN Y NEYW L O V E S T OR Sparkly Charm Bracelet 1 NEW Robot in Love by T L McBeth 40 pages If ordering Space Cows after 1 31 19 the price will be 3 please use ITEM 072423 SpiderMan This Is Miles Morales ITEM 58S5 Paperback 4 32 pages How did a regular kid become a high flying superhero Hardcover Retail 17 99 ITEM 67S5 NEW My Magical Friends Unicorn Rescue Reader and Stickers 5 by Amy Edgar illus by Jomike Tejido 32 pages A magical golden bracelet transports Shelby and her best friend to an enchanted forest and helps them talk to unicorns Reader and Bracelet 5 JAN Special Price Good Until 31 NEW They re both shy and shiny and they love toast This adorable robot falls in love with a toaster So hilarious Stickers for ages 5 ITEM 38S5 10 BOOKS Retail 5 99 LEX 500L GRL M DRA 20 24 20 WARNING CHOKING HAZARD Small parts Not for children under 3 years Pete s Got a Groovy New Frien d A SUPE R ELEP HANT PIGG IE PACK NEW in Paperback Pete the Cat and the New Guy by Kimberly and James Dean 40 pages Picture Book There s a new platypus on the street who rocks to his own beat and Pete can t wait to meet him GEISEL HONOR GEISEL HONOR ITEM 48S5 Paperback 4 S58000 Hardcover Retail 17 99 Elephant Piggie 10 Pack by Mo Willems 64 pages each From parties to playdates these unlikely friends are full of fun surprises ITEM 19S5 10 Paperback Readers 20 AR 2 4 Up to 5 When you place an online order of 25 or more scholastic com clubcontests NEW Use Code READS CALDECOTT ARTIST Hardcover Retail 99 90 LEX BR170L 310L GRL G I DRA 12 16 Art Mo Willems ELEPHANT PIGGIE is a trademark of The Mo Willems Studio Inc

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New Series to Love From the Author of The Day the Crayons Quit NEW My Toothbrush Is Missing NEW Reader NEW by Drew Daywalt illus by Olivier Tallec 56 pages by Jonathan Fenske 48 pages by Jan Thomas 48 pages Hello Crabby A Crabby Book What Is Inside This Box A Monkey Cake Book Monkey has a box A big box Can Cake guess what s inside Readers will want to spend time with these funny best friends ITEM 80S5 No toothbrush No problem These silly friends will help find it Will a yummy chocolate cake make Crabby smile ITEM 39S5 ITEM 25S5 3 Hardcover 8 Reader 3 Graphic Reader 3 Retail 9 99 LEX 330L GRL H DRA 14 3 SNOW Y DAYS Happy Valentine s Day 24 Cards Stickers 3 NEW Snow Beast Valentine s Stamper 24 Envelopes Day Mailbox Create cute cards for your friends and collect the valentines they leave for you in this adorable mailbox ITEM 78S5 Stationery Kit 10 50 Hardcover Retail 9 99 LEX 320L GRL F DRA 10 AR 1 4 Retail 4 99 LEX 370L GRL H DRA 14 Comes to Play Ad lie by Phil Gosier 32 pages Picture Book Pen For ages 5 Retail 10 99 Emperor Crac Each E k g Find a g to 1 3 Pengu 4 in It s hard to make friends when you re as big as a three story building Will Penny see past Snow Beast s booming voice and find a friend NEW Penguins ITEM 63S5 ITEM 46S5 Paperback 3 Book and Figurines 12 Hardcover Retail 17 99 LEX AD450L GRL K DRA 16 18 Little Heroes of the Big Ice 8 1 2 x 9 3 4 When does a baby penguin become a grown up penguin When it gets its waterproof feathers Retail 12 99 48 Page Book Figurines for ages 5 WARNING CHOKING HAZARD Small parts Not for children under 3 years beaded Bracelet FEBRUARY 2 Groundhog Day There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose by Lucille Colandro illus by Jared Lee 32 pages Picture Book She s gobbling up lace glitter jewels and hearts but why ITEM 71S5 Paperback 4 Retail 6 99 LEX AD370L AD470L GRL K M DRA 16 24 AR 2 5 2 9 FEBRUARY Junie B Jones Fun Pack by Barbara Park illus by Denise Brunkus 80 and 96 pages Two seasonal stories with Junie B Groundhog s Dilemma by Kristen Remenar illus by Matt Faulkner 32 pages Picture Book ITEM 23S5 Tooth Fairy s Night Bracelet Set 2 Chapter Books 7 Paperback 4 by Candice Ransom illus by Monique Dong 32 pages Retail 9 98 LEX 510L 560L GRL M DRA 20 24 AR 2 8 2 9 Hardcover Retail 16 95 LEX AD570L GRL L DRA 20 24 AR 2 9 Heroes from History by Carole Boston Weatherford illus by James E Ransome 40 pages Picture Book ITEM 76S5 Reader and Bracelet 6 Retail 8 98 LEX 110L GRL G DRA 12 AR 0 9 NEW Ordinary People Change the World I Am Harriet Tubman Be a King Dr Martin Luther King Jr s Dream and You 2 WARNING CHOKING HAZARD Small parts Not for children under 3 years ITEM 27S5 NEW LEX 360L GRL L DRA 20 24 AR 2 1 Dental Health Month by Brad Meltzer illus by Christopher Eliopoulos 40 pages Picture Book Learn how lessons from Dr King s life can help kids change the world today Ordinary People Change the World 4 Pack ITEM 8S5 ITEM 44S5 Harriet wasn t afraid to protect herself and others She took 13 trips to the South and helped free the slaves by Brad Meltzer illus by Christopher Eliopoulos 40 pages each Picture Books ITEM 43S5 Two presidents two civil rights leaders these real life heroes made a big difference Paperback 4 Hardcover Retail 14 99 Paperback 4 4 Paperbacks 14 Hardcover Retail 17 99 LEX 460L 640L GRL N O DRA 28 38 AR 3 0 3 8 Hardcover Retail 59 86 LEX 560L GRL O DRA 34 38 AR 3 7 When You Order Online

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DREAM IT BUILD IT Math Fun NEW DOLL E 1 0 by Shanda McCloskey 40 pages Can a little genius make her doll speak This tech filled story is code for F U N ITEM 17S5 Measurement Pack Retail 17 99 NEW in Paperback Now You Know How It Works Pictures and Answers for the Curious Mind 32 pages each 8 1 2 x 8 5 8 Build on beginning math skills with these cool concept books by Valorie Fisher 40 pages Why does a rubber ball bounce How do paper airplanes fly Find answers activities and more ITEM 33S5 5 Paperbacks 18 For Fans of Rosie Revere Hardcover 15 Inside Page NEW Math Counts LEX AD870L GRL Q DRA 40 ITEM 42S5 Retail 29 75 Paperback 5 NEW Sharks by Andrea Beaty illus by David Roberts 32 pages Picture Book This creative girl invents all kinds of gizmos and gadgets Hardcover Retail 16 99 Awesome Animals 32 pages Sharks can be as big as a school bus or small enough to fit in the palm of your hand Meet 13 of these swimming predators Rosie Revere Engineer ITEM 59S5 Paperback 6 Retail 6 99 LEX AD780L GRL M DRA 20 24 AR 4 2 ITEM 61S5 Reader and Erasers 5 Retail 5 99 10 Fascinating Facts About Dinosaurs Set by Rachel Grack 32 pages Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 165 million years Bite size prehistoric facts 2 Puzzle Erasers ITEM 70S5 Erasers for ages 5 Inside Spread NEW Amazing Animal Atlas Which Dino Will Y ou Get Book and Surprise Slime Egg 6 Retail 8 44 LEX 730L GRL M DRA 20 24 48 pages 11 x 11 Gorgeous illustrations maps and bite size facts A terrific resource to have on hand for years to come Animal Homes Pack by J Patrick Lewis 24 pages each Facts photos and poems from the hot desert to the freezing arctic ITEM 3S5 4 Paperbacks 10 ITEM 2S5 HUGE Hardcover 15 Retail 16 99 50 Years Since the Moon Landing NEW 20 19 by Kitson Jazynka 48 pages ITEM 64S5 4 Paperbacks 12 50 Buzz took a selfie on his first space mission Learn all about this moonwalking astronaut 24 pages each Hardcover Retail 79 96 3 Pick a FREE Book ITEM 40S5 Reader 3 Retail 4 99 WARNING CHOKING HAZARD Small parts Not for children under 3 years 96 Page Book JULY National Geographic Kids Buzz Aldrin Did you know that Jupiter has over 50 moons Supercool facts and eye popping images of the giant universe we live in Blind assortment of blue yellow green or pink egg Pack contains only 1 egg Color and dinosaur will vary SPACE ROCKS LEX 590L NC840L Retail 23 80 GRL M DRA 20 24 NEW The Solar System Pack Slime egg for ages 4 69 4 Real Rocks Deluxe Case NEW This Box Rocks The ground under your feet is full of surprises Travel from the center of the earth to outer space with this fascinating kit ITEM 73S5 For ages 5 Rock Kit 12 Small parts Not for children under 3 years Retail 12 99 Worth up to 5 with an order of 25 or more Use Code READS scholastic com bookclubs WARNING CHOKING HAZARD 3

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The Word Collector by Peter H Reynolds 40 pages Picture Book Some people collect stamps but Jerome collects words And when he puts those words together wonderful things happen HAPPY AND STRONG by Kobi Yamada illus by Mae Besom 44 pages ITEM 83S5 Signed Paperback Edition 5 Hardcover Retail 17 99 LEX 490L GRL K DRA 16 18 AR 2 4 New in Spanish El coleccionista de palabras by Peter H Reynolds 40 pages ITEM 12S5 Paperback 5 Positive Power Reader Pack by Suzy Capozzi illus by Eren Unten 32 pages each Whether sharing an umbrella finding your strengths or trying new things being positive feels great Buy More and Save ITEM 54S5 Retail 6 99 What Do You Do with a Chance 3 Readers 8 LEX 340L 430L GRL G H Retail 14 97 DRA 12 14 This book may help you find the courage to try new things even when you don t think you re brave enough ITEM 81S5 Hardcover 16 Retail 16 95 Laugh Out Loud Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt A Narwhal and Jelly Book The Bad Seed by Jory John illus by Pete Oswald 40 pages Picture Book by Ben Clanton 64 pages 6 x 8 Join these undersea pals as they pick their super outfits and find their superpowers NEW The Three Little Superpigs Once Upon a Time ITEM 68S5 LEX GN510L GRL M DRA 20 24 AR 2 6 ITEM 7S5 by Claire Evans 40 pages Picture Book Full Color Chapter Book 4 Think you know how these crime fighting heroes defeated the Big Bad Wolf Think again A super twist on a favorite tale Retail 7 99 Paperback 4 Hardcover Retail 17 99 LEX AD390L GRL J DRA 16 18 AR 2 0 ITEM 75S5 Snappsy the Alligator Did Not Ask to Be in This Book Paperback 5 by Julie Falatko illus by Tim Miller 40 pages Picture Book Retail 5 99 Also Available The Three Little Superpigs by Claire Evans 40 pages Picture Book Snappsy is going to the store but the narrator makes it sound like he s hunting for tiny animals to eat ITEM 62S5 ITEM 74S5 Pinkalicious Collection by Victoria Kann 40 pages each Picture Books Paperback 4 Paperback 5 Pink tastically cheerful stories about being yourself ITEM 52S5 5 Paperbacks 20 He cuts in line and tells long jokes with no punch lines Can this bad seed be good Retail 89 98 Hardcover Retail 16 99 LEX AD560L GRL M DRA 20 24 AR 2 9 Hardcover Retail 17 99 LEX AD740L GRL L DRA 20 24 The Narrator Won t Leave Me Alone LEX 400L AD640L GRL K O DRA 16 38 AR 2 6 3 2 CALDECOTT ARTIST Fly Guy Box Set Clip me to your backpack CALDECOTT HONOR Funny Pigeon Pack by Mo Willems 40 pages each by Tedd Arnold 32 pages each This demanding bird will say anything to get what he wants Buzzzz into adventure Zany pics and loadzzz of Fly Guy fun Art Mo Willems by Mo Willems 96 pages ITEM 21S5 ITEM 22S5 Zoom Squirrel lost a baby tooth can friends help find it Features bonus jokes quirky quizzes nutty fact formats and so many squirrels 3 Paperback Picture Books 10 Unlimited Squirrels in I Lost My Tooth 10 Readers in a Display Box with Key Chain 25 Retail 44 89 LEX 270L 470L GRL F K DRA 10 18 AR 1 3 2 0 4 ITEM 77S5 Key chain for ages 5 Hardcover Reader 12 Retail 12 99 Hardcover Retail 50 97 LEX 280L AD470L GRL I K DRA 16 18 AR 0 9 1 1 Art Mo Willems When You Order Online

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1st Grade Favorites NEW Pig the Stinker by Aaron Blabey 32 pages Picture Book Will this smelly pug ever take a bath ITEM 49S5 Paperback 4 Hardcover Retail 14 99 There Was an Old Mermaid and Pirate Pack Also Available Pig the Pug 2 Pack NEWBERY CALDECOTT AUTHOR ARTIST by Lucille Colandro illus by Jared Lee 64 pages each Readers by Aaron Blabey 32 pages each Picture Books The old lady is swallowing everything she can find while you learn facts about the sea ITEM 50S5 ITEM 72S5 2 Paperbacks 7 2 Paperbacks 7 ITEM 20S5 8 Readers 16 Hardcover Retail 17 98 LEX AD430L AD540L GRL K DRA 16 18 AR 3 6 3 8 Hardcover Retail 29 98 First Grade Friends Reader Pack 32 64 pages Practice reading on your own with classic characters and new favorites Retail 33 92 8 BOOKS LEX 250L 520L GRL H L DRA 14 24 AR 1 7 2 6 Grow with Chapter Books Great Value Tales of Sasha 2 Journey Beyond the Trees Necklace Set Pony Necklace by Alexa Pearl illus by Paco Sordo 112 pages Owl Diaries 1 5 Pack Join Eva and her best friends for their owl dorable adventures Determined to find other flying horses like herself Sasha sets out on a magical journey ITEM 45S5 ITEM 69S5 5 Full Color Chapter Books 18 Chapter Book and Necklace 7 Retail 10 98 by Rebecca Elliott 80 pages each Retail 24 95 LEX 470L 560L GRL M DRA 20 24 AR 2 8 3 1 WARNING CHOKING HAZARD NEW Arthur Chapter Book 5 Pack 64 pages each LEX 510L GRL N DRA 28 30 AR 2 9 Small parts Not for children under 3 years Join Arthur and his friends on some sweet and silly everyday adventures ITEM 4S5 5 Chapter Books 12 50 Captain Awesome Adventures Pack by Thomas Flintham 80 pages Bad guys beware The Sunnyview Superhero Squad is here to save the day Royal Sweets Pack by Helen Perelman 80 pages each Princess Mini goes to a new school and makes a candy creation for Parent Day ITEM 60S5 M e g a S av i n g s ITEM 55S5 5 Chapter Books 18 Full Color Chapter Book 4 Retail 4 99 by Mary Pope Osborne illus by Sal Murdocca 80 192 pages ITEM 31S5 55 Chapter Books 82 50 Retail 330 45 LEX 380L 780L GRL M T DRA 20 50 AR 2 6 4 2 Magic Tree House is a registered trademark of Mary Pope Osborne used under license Pick a FREE Book LEX 510L GRL M DRA 20 24 N ew i n t h e S e r i e s 12 Book Value Magic Tree House Mega Collection Oh no This superhero is sucked into an upsidedown land where everyone good is bad ITEM 11S5 Retail 29 95 AR 3 7 4 1 Retail 11 98 Retail 24 95 Press Start 4 Super Rabbit Boy vs Super Rabbit Boss by Stan Kirby illus by George O Connor 112 128 pages 2 Chapter Books 7 16 NEW in Paperback Calendar Mysteries Collection by Ron Roy 80 96 pages ITEM 10S5 12 Chapter Books 30 Retail 59 88 LEX 460L 650L GRL M O DRA 20 38 AR 2 9 3 3 Bad Kitty Camp Daze by Nick Bruel 176 pages Kitty gets bonked on the head and thinks she s a dog Maybe a relaxing camping trip will help ITEM 5S5 Chapter Book 5 Retail 5 99 Also Available Bad Kitty Value Pack by Nick Bruel 128 160 pages ITEM 6S5 5 Chapter Books 20 Retail 34 95 LEX GN570L 720L GRL P DRA 34 38 AR 3 3 4 5 Worth up to 5 with an order of 25 or more Use Code READS scholastic com bookclubs 5

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Comic Style Readers A C Simple Text Fun Facts D F A Easy toread stories with wacky characters and super simple text in speech balloons B C D Super Value cream cone I am an ice two scoops Now I have two One NEW How was Paris Guided Science Readers Animals Pack A D 8 pages each 5 x 5 My First Little Comics A F Pack Boost skills while learning about animals Start with the simplest stories and work your way up by Liza Charlesworth 8 16 pages 5 1 2 x 5 1 2 ITEM 37S5 30 Books 29 Inside Page Ooh la la Retail 84 65 Inside Page GRL A F DRA A 1 10 ITEM 24S5 24 Photo Filled Books 24 It was the of our dreacit y ms LEX AD10L 380L GRL A D DRA A 1 6 Sight Words Phonics Spider Man Phonics Box Set Disney Learning Pixar Sight Words Box Set The friendly neighborhood web slinger is here to help you sound out new words These favorite characters introduce essential words that kids should read at a glance 16 pages each 5 1 2 x 7 1 2 ITEM 15S5 ITEM 66S5 NEW Wordplay 12 Books in a Carrying Case 12 by Adam Lehrhaupt illus by Jared Chapman 40 pages Picture Book Verb was always the star at the playground until Noun showed up A clever and colorful look at parts of speech ITEM 84S5 Paperback 5 16 pages each 5 1 2 x 7 1 2 Hardcover Retail 17 99 LEX 420L GRL L DRA 20 24 NEW Pug Paw 2019 MARVEL Retail 12 99 12 Books in a Carrying Case 12 Disney Pixar Retail 12 99 R EA DER S RO CK Print Necklace Set by Ethan Long 32 pages This yappy dog is determined to go for a walk in the snow he just needs to find someone to take him ITEM 56S5 Reader and Necklace 6 Retail 7 98 LEX BR30L GRL C DRA 3 4 Paw Print Necklace WARNING CHOKING HAZARD I Can Read with Charlie the Ranch Dog Pack based on the books by Ree Drummond and Diane deGroat 32 pages each ITEM 26S5 4 Readers 10 Retail 18 96 LEX 170L 270L GRL H K DRA 14 18 AR 1 8 2 0 Small parts Not for children under 3 years NEW Audio Set Moby Shinobi Listening Library by Luke Flowers 32 pages each CD run time 64 08 min ITEM 47S5 Reader 5 Reader 4 by James Dean 32 pages Katie Fry Private Eye The Missing Fox Or Get the Newest Book by Katherine Cox illus by Vanessa Brantley Newton 32 pages Hunt for clues in the pictures as Katie tracks down her brother s missing stuffed animal Moby Shinobi Ninja on the Job by Luke Flowers 32 pages ITEM 35S5 ITEM 36S5 6 ITEM 14S5 NEW Hi yah Moby uses his ninja tricks to save the day All five high kicking stories on an audio CD Great Value Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth LEX 300L GRL G DRA 12 AR 1 3 LISTEN READ WITH MOBY 5 Readers Includes Turn the Page and CD 15 Signals Retail 24 95 Disney Fancy Nancy Chez Nancy 32 pages 3 Reader 3 Retail 3 99 LEX 380L GRL J DRA 16 18 3 ITEM 28S5 Reader 3 Retail 3 99 LEX 420L GRL K DRA 16 18 AR 2 3

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KID ZONE Spy Briefcase Inside Page Mask Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesdays by Jon Stahl illus by Tadgh Bentley 40 pages Picture Book Binoculars Ninja Spy Kit Learn top secret ninja skills tips and tricks then go on super fun superFor ages 5 sneaky missions of your own WARNING CHOKING HAZARD Deluxe Spy Kit 15 3 Aidan age 6 These funny friends make up a scary story about a dragon named Dennis and then Dennis appears And he s hungry ITEM 18S5 Small parts Not for children under 3 years Paperback 3 Retail 16 99 NEW Hardcover Retail 17 99 NEW Pikmi Pops Surprise Pikmi to Be Your Valentine NEW We Love Mario ITEM 79S5 Full Color Game Guide 8 50 ITEM 51S5 Reader and Cards 4 112 pages 5 x 8 Pok mon Sun Moon Contest for the Crown 32 pages ITEM 9S5 ITEM 53S5 Hardcover Journal 10 Reader and Stickers 4 Retail 4 99 LEX 510L GRL L DRA 20 24 Retail 10 99 Retail 8 99 Retail 4 99 NEW Beanie Boos Friendship Fur Ever Journal 80 pages 32 pages Cards for ages 4 because noodles are my favorite food and dragons are awesome NEW 2 InvisibleInk Pens ITEM 41S5 I loved this book K id Pic k 24 Page Book 2019 Ty Inc For ages 4 2019 Moose All rights reserved A Unicorn of Your Very Own Stickers for ages 4 2019 The Pok mon Company International TM Nintendo Cool Builds in Minecraft 128 pages 7 x 9 Step by step instructions on crafting buildings vehicles and even entire worlds ITEM 13S5 Adoption Certificate 2019 Rainbow Magic Limited ITEM 57S5 7 Chapter Books 16 32 Page Guide Unicorn Necklace Rainbow Magic Jewel Fairies Collection by Daisy Meadows 80 pages each It s up to Rachel and Kirsty to save their fairy friends and the world Retail 34 93 Activity Book 8 Retail 8 99 Not an official Minecraft book M y st e r y orn Color Un ic Unicorn Plush WARNING CHOKING HAZARD Small parts Not for children under 3 years Adopt a Unicorn A dream come true Your own pet unicorn and everything you need to care for it Minecraft Diary 65 pages 5 x 7 Eraser Build your whole secret world in this cool diary ITEM 34S5 Locking Diary and Eraser 12 Blind as k blue or pin Retail 12 99 ITEM 1S5 Exclusive Kit with 6 1 2 Plush 12 50 LEX NC690L NC820L GRL N P DRA 28 38 AR 4 2 5 1 Which l One Wil t e YosourtmG ent of white NEW Retail 12 99 Eraser for ages 6 LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary LEGO Nonfiction Big Book of Animals 128 pages 10 x 10 Join the funny LEGO Minifigures on a fact packed real world exploration of wild creatures ITEM 30S5 Huge Hardcover 10 Retail 14 99 LEGO the LEGO logo the Brick and Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group 2019 The LEGO Group 128 pages 10 x 12 Explore Batman s Batcave Wonder Woman s Invisible Jet and Lex Luthor s superweapons ITEM 16S5 LEGO NINJAGO Reading Fun 3 Pack 32 pages each The Masters of Spinjitzu leap into battle against the Overlord Elemental Masters and each other ITEM 29S5 3 Readers 10 Retail 11 97 LEGO the LEGO logo NINJAGO the NINJAGO logo the Brick and Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group 2019 The LEGO Group All rights reserved Manufactured by Scholastic Inc under license from the LEGO Group Morescholastic com bookclubs LEGO ONLINE Hardcover and Minifigure 21 Yellow Lantern Batman Retail 21 99 Minifigure for ages 6 LEGO the LEGO logo the Brick and Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group 2019 The LEGO Group Copyright 2019 DC Comics All DC related characters and elements are trademarks of and DC Comics WB SHIELD and Warner Bros Entertainment Inc s19 7

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iPhone Have an account scholastic com bookclubs New to Book Clubs scholastic com newparent Your camera will automatically scan Android 2 Connect to your current teacher Download a free QR reader app Click Find Your Teacher or use Class Code Please order online or return this paper order form to your child s teacher with check payable to Scholastic Book Clubs Books ship FREE directly to our classroom ITEM 1S5 2S5 3S5 4S5 5S5 6S5 7S5 8S5 9S5 10S5 11S5 12S5 13S5 14S5 15S5 16S5 17S5 18S5 19S5 20S5 21S5 22S5 23S5 24S5 25S5 26S5 27S5 28S5 29S5 30S5 31S5 32S5 33S5 34S5 35S5 36S5 37S5 38S5 39S5 40S5 41S5 42S5 43S5 44S5 45S5 46S5 47S5 48S5 ITEM SELECTION QTY Adopt a Unicorn Amazing Animal Atlas Animal Homes Pack Arthur Chapter Book 5 Pack Bad Kitty Camp Daze Bad Kitty Value Pack Bad Seed Be a King Dr Dream and You Beanie Fur Ever Journal Calendar Mysteries Collection Capt Awesome Adventures Pack Coleccionista de palabras Cool Builds in Minecraft Disney Fancy Nancy Chez Disney Pixar Sight Set DK LEGO Heroes Dictionary DOLL E 1 0 Dragons Eat Noodles Tues Elephant Piggie 10 Pack 1st Grade Friends Reader Pack Fly Guy Box Set Funny Pigeon Pack Groundhog s Dilemma Guided Sci Animals Pack Hello Crabby A Crabby Book I Can Read with Charlie Pk Junie B Jones Fun Pack Katie Fry Missing Fox LEGO NINJAGO Rdng Fun 3 Pack LEGO Nonfic Big Animals Magic Tree House Mega Coll Mary Poppins Is Possible Math Counts Measurement Pack Minecraft Diary Moby Shinobi Ninja Job Moby Shinobi Listening Lib My 1st Little Comics A F Pk My Magical Unicorn Rescue My Toothbrush Is Missing Nat Geo Kids Buzz Aldrin Ninja Spy Kit Now Know How It Works Ordinary Ppl Harriet Tubman Ordinary People 4 Pack Owl Diaries 1 5 Pack Penguins Heroes Big Ice Pete the Cat the Lost Tooth Pete the Cat and the New Guy LEX Lexile Framework for Reading GRL Guided Reading Level DRA Developmental Reading Assessment AR Accelerated Reader Level FLYER PRICE 12 50 15 10 12 50 5 20 4 4 10 30 18 5 8 5 12 21 15 3 20 16 25 10 4 24 3 10 7 3 10 10 82 50 5 18 12 3 15 29 5 3 3 15 5 4 14 18 12 4 4 READING LEVELS Lexile is a registered trademark of MetaMetrics Inc ITEM 49S5 50S5 51S5 52S5 53S5 54S5 55S5 56S5 57S5 58S5 59S5 60S5 61S5 62S5 63S5 64S5 65S5 ITEM SELECTION FLYER PRICE QTY Space Cows 4 7 4 20 4 8 4 6 16 4 6 7 5 4 3 12 50 1 072423 Space Cows 3 Pig the Stinker Pig the Pug 2 Pack Pikmi to Be Your Valentine Pinkalicious Collection Pok mon Contest for the Crown Positive Power Reader Pack Press Start 4 Rabbit Boss Pug Paw Print Necklace Set Rainbow Magic Jewel Coll Robot in Love Rosie Revere Engineer Royal Sweets Pack Sharks Snappsy Alligator Book Snow Beast Comes to Play Solar System Pack Price After 1 31 19 66S5 67S5 68S5 69S5 70S5 71S5 72S5 73S5 74S5 75S5 76S5 77S5 78S5 79S5 80S5 81S5 82S5 83S5 84S5 Printed in the USA 1 Sign in 12 5 4 7 6 4 7 12 5 5 6 12 10 50 8 50 8 16 5 5 5 Spider Man Phonics Set Spider Man This Is Miles Super Narwhal Jelly Jolt Tales of Sasha 2 Neck Set 10 Facts About Dinos Set There Was an Old Rose There Was Merm Pirate Pk This Box Rocks Three Little Superpigs Three Little Superpigs Time Tooth Fairy s Bracelet Set Unlimited Squirrels Tooth Valentine s Day Mailbox We Love Mario What Is Inside Cake Book What Do You Do with a Chance What T rex Teeth Word Collector Wordplay Get More When You Order Online Pick a FREE BOOK When you place an online order of 25 or more Use Code READS scholastic com bookclubs PLUS Online Special of the Month ONLINE ONLY Inspire Kids in Need to Read 300S5 Scholastic Book Clubs is proud to partner with Book Trust a 501c3 charity that provides books to children in need at no cost 100 of your gift will help Book Trust serve more kids 1 Pouch for ages 3 Search Pete the Cat Coin Pouch Set Online TOTAL NUMBER OF ITEMS TOTAL AMOUNT DUE Up to 5 12 Pete the Cat Coin Pouch Set by Kimberly and James Dean 40 pages each scholastic com bookclubhelp 1 800 SCHOLASTIC 1 800 724 6527 TRACKING 110518MTO S58000 Online Only 4 Paperbacks and Coin Pouch 12 Hardcover Retail 81 96 This special value is available only while supplies last Risk of loss transfers upon Scholastic s delivery of the ordered products to its carrier The items purchased through this Book Club offer may not be resold Teachers are acting in the best interest of their students They are not agents or representatives of Scholastic Book Clubs TM Scholastic Inc All rights reserved When you pay by check you authorize us to process your payment electronically Funds may be withdrawn from your account the same day we receive your payment You will not receive your check back from your financial institution however the transaction will appear on your bank statement Cover hamster photo Elya Vatel Shutterstock Scholastic Inc 557 Broadway New York NY 10012 Please Return Your Flyer or Order Online By JANUARY 2019 How to Order Online To get started just scan this handy QR code DUE DATE STUDENT NAME